Rightiho chaps and chapesses 😀

I am finally pulling my finger out and sorting some rerooting tutorials for you all to show a variety of different methods you can use. I have had basic written tutorials on my FAQs page of the site for a long time now but they have been lacking the most important thing – PHOTOS!

The plan is to make a start today and take the photographs over the next few days so they should be ready for next week!

The tutorials I am planning are as follows:

Knot Method – there are a couple of variations on how you can do this, with thread or without using either preparing plugs in advance or just jumping straight in, using one knot at the end or one in the middle! I was thinking of showing each of the above methods so you can modify,  pick and choose which suits you best.

*UPDATE Feb 17th* First video is up! – The Knot Method: https://mylittlecustoms.wordpress.com/2009/02/17/video-tutorial-for-the-knot-method-rerooting-instructions/

Possibly toying with doing a My Little Pony manes and tails one too if there is enough interest.

Reroot Tool Method – just as it says, so many people ask me how exactly this is done so the best way is for me to show you!

** UPDATE** Feb 19th – Reroot Tool Method video is up!



Lock and Loop Method – this is a fab method which produces a finish which looks just as it is done in the factory, only by you and not a machine! LOL

** UPDATE ** Feb 19th – Lock & Loop Technique tutorial is up!


…. what am I forgetting?? um … oh yes! A method which is new to me, my good friend Dianna gave me the main pointers to go on a while back and is something I have been trying, I have yet to find a good tutorial on it so have been attempting a trial and error approach so perhaps I am not best qualified to show my method yet! It involves using one long hair plug and wrapping the hair around.

***** EDIT UPDATE! ***** I have been shown a link to a tutorial for the wrapping method mentioned above and it is much simpler than my half made up / half bodged attempt! Thank you for the link Cyber Alice! http://www.eatonbraygifts.com/customdolls/hints/hairstyles/hairwrap.htm

Also I was thinking of doing a Thatching tutorial for your dollies part line, this may take a little longer to do as I will first need to reroot the doll! Once I have the initial tutorials up I will finish off the doll and sort a thatched part line tutorial for you.

The question for you all is this: Which would be most helpful, written tutorials with step by step photographs or video tutorials?

Please feel free to comment below or drop me an email – I definitely would appreciate your input on this one, plus anything you think I may have missed that would be useful to you ^_^