Rightio people, I have listened to your feedback and suggestions regarding the rerooting tutorials and bit the bullet and jumped straight in with video over photographs.

This is my first ever attempt at a video tutorial – it is so cringeworthy I can hardly watch! LOL Who knew something so simple could be so horrendously embarrassing heehee!

It is not the best quality, filmed from my digital camera – I also apologise for the fact I could not see past my camera and so often inadvertantly took my hands out of shot to see what I was doing! Its rather difficult to watch what I am doing on a screen and do it at the same time!

My husband has suggested using the camcorder for attempt number 2 which should mean much clearer shots and better lighting but until then, I hope this goes a little way towards helping you all with the “Knot Method” 😀

Enough with my nervous apologies and excuses – on with the show!

This tutorial shows the basic Knot Method, showing 3 variations: Knotting as you go, preparing plugs in advance and using the knot in the middle of the plug.



Next tutorial planned is the reroot tool – I am also planning to show you methods using thread, dental floss, lock and loop, some MLP tutorials alongside a thatching tutorial.

First I need to distract my daughter long enough to give me 10 minutes of silence – oh the joys of half term!

Robin x