Customer Re-Root Gallery

HUGE thanks to everyone who takes the time to send me their reroot photos!

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Gallery last updated: 30th April 2012   =)

Nylon Hair Re-Roots

Nickle Nylon Moonlight NylonMoonlight Nylon Moonlight Nylon Sunlight Nylon Sunlight Nylon Sunlight Nylon Sunlight Nylon Virgin Snow Nylon Virgin Snow Nylon Blizzard Nylon Blizzard Nylon Marshmallow Nylon Buttercreme Nylon Buttercreme Nylon Buttercreme Nylon  Butter Pecan Nylon Tiramisu Nylon Tiramisu Nylon Tiramisu Nylon Custom Nylon Blend Barbie reroot Caramel Cream Nylon Caramel Cream Nylon Caramel Cream Goldilocks Nylon Goldilocks Nylon Goldilocks Nylon Golden Sun Nylon Butterscotch Nylon Butterscotch Nylon Butterscotch Nylon Butterscotch Nylon Butterscotch Nylon  Golden Wheat Nylon Golden Wheat Nylon Golden Sand Nylon Golden Sand Nylon with White Chocolate Nylon highlights Gingerbread Nylon Golden Goddess Nylon Carrot Cake Nylon Amaretto Nylon with Atomic Turquoise Nylon highlights Amaretto Amaretto Amaretto Nylon English Toffee Nylon English Toffee Nylon  Roasted Almond Nylon Roasted Almond Nylon Roasted Almond Nylon Roasted Almond Nylon Expresso Nylon Hazelnut Nylon with Butterscotch Nylon highlights Hazelnut Nylon with Butterscotch Nylon highlights Hazelnut Nylon with Butterscotch Nylon highlights Hazelnut Nylon Hazelnut Nylon Hazelnut Nylon Chocolate Fudge Nylon Chocolate Fudge Nylon Chocolate Fudge Nylon Chocolate Fudge Nylon Devil's Food Nylon Garnet Jewel Nylon Garnet Jewel Nylon  Kiss of Death Nylon Deadly Nightshade Nylon Hematite Nylon Sugarplum and Starlight Nylon Fairy's Breath Nylon Kitten Nylon Pussycat Nylon Tea Rose Nylon Bubblegum Nylon Bubblegum & Pussycat Nylon Blend Bubblegum Nylon Blend Heartthrob Nylon Watermelon Martini Nylon Watermelon Martini Nylon Bourgainvillea Nylon Bourgainvillea Nylon with Sugarberry Nylon highlights Bourgainvillea Nylon Venom Nylon Venom Nylon Venom Nylon Venom Nylon Firebird Nylon Sugarberry Nylon Candy Apple Nylon Cherry Pie Nylon Cherry Pie Nylon Cherry Pie Nylon  Cherry Pie Nylon Pomme D'Amour Nylon Pomme D'Amour Nylon Candy Apple Nylon Vampire Kiss Nylon Volcano Nylon Volcano Nylon Volcano Nylon Volcano Nylon Marmalade Nylon Pumpkin Spice Nylon Pumpkin Spice Nylon Pumpkin Spice Nylon Pumpkin Spice Nylon Pumpkin Spice Nylon Pumpkin Spice Nylon Satsuma Nylon Tigerlilly Nylon Tigerlilly Nylon Tigerlilly Nylon Tigerlilly Nylon Tigerlilly Nylon Apricot Nylon Apricot Nylon Peaches 'n Cream Nylon Passionfruit Nylon Mango Tango Nylon Pineapple Nylon Lemonade Nylon Electric Banana Nylon Sour Apple Martini Nylon Sour Apple Martini Nylon Key Lime Nylon Envy Nylon Poison Ivy Nylon  Unlucky Clover Nylon Unlucky Clover Nylon Sea Nymph and Mermaid Nylon Blueberry Muffin Nylon Blueberry Muffin Nylon Glacier Nylon Black Magick Nylon with After Midnight Nylon streak Black Magick Nylon Black Magick Nylon Black Magick Nylon with Tigerlilly Nylon highlights Black Magick, Cherry Pie and After Midnight Nylon Candy Apple Nylon and Black Magick Nylon Blizzard Nylon and Black Magick Nylon Glow in the Dark Nylon Melting Pink Nylon Mixed Nylon Shades Custom blend of Daiquari Ice & Goldilocks Nylon

Polypropylene Hair Re-Roots

Sophisticated Polypropylene Hypnotic & Frivolous Polypropylene


Saran Hair Re-Roots

Ruby Tuesday Saran and Original Brunette Saran Ruby Tuesday Saran Ruby Slippers Saran Ruby Red Saran Caddy Red Saran Joyeux Rouge Saran Cranberry Saran Cranberry Saran Cranberry Saran Fire Mist Saran Fire Mist Saran Fire Mist Saran Orange Thermal Magic Saran Tangerine Orange All A Glow Saran Golden Girl Saran Honey Blonde Saran Honey Blonde Saran Honey Blonde Saran Lemon Blonde Saran Lemon Blonde Saran Lemon Blonde Saran Light Blonde Chatty Saran Platinum Blonde Saran Blondicious Saran Champagne Blonde Saran Champagne Blonde Saran Champagne Blonde Saran Champagne Dark Saran Platinum Blonde Saran with Ginger Snap Saran low lights Megan Saran Malibue Blonde Saran Ash Blonde Saran Ash Blonde Saran Ash Blonde Saran Sun Kissed Saran She-Ra Custom Pony Saran - mixed shades Strawberry II Chatty Saran Tu-Tone Titian Tu-Tone Titian Saran Tu-Tone Titian Saran Cognac Saran with Honey Blonde highlights Ginger Snap Saran Ginger Snap Saran Stacy Titian Saran  Auburn Chatty Saran Saucy Brown Saran Saucy Brown Saran Mocha Brown Saran Bronze Saran Burnt Orange Saran Burnt Orange Saran Burnt Orange Saran Mahogany Saran Deep Cherry Saran Brunette Saran Hazelnut Saran Hazelnut Saran Hazelnut Saran Original Brunette Saran Original Brunette Saran Black Orchid Saran Sheila Saran  Plum Crazy and Midnight Black Saran Midnight Black Saran Midnight Black Saran Midnight Black Saran with Original Blonde Saran stripe Midnight Black Saran Noir Saran Platinum White and Wild Lavendar Saran Platinum White Saran Platinum White Saran Platinum White Saran Platinum White Saran Platinum White Saran Platinum White Saran Platinum White Saran Platinum White Saran Platinum White Saran Platinum White Saran HiHo Silver Saran HiHo Silver Saran HiHo Silver Saran HiHo Silver Saran HiHo Silver Saran Opal Essence Saran Tickled Pink Saran Tickled Pink Saran Tickled Pink Saran with Glow in the Dark Saran highlights Thermal Colour Changing Pink to White Saran Pinky Pinky Saran Pinky Pinky Saran Hot Pink Saran Hot Pink Saran Hot Pink Saran Mauvelous Pink Saran with Hi Ho Silver Saran Purple Passion Saran Purple Passion Saran Purple Passion Saran Purple Haze Saran Fae Saran Fae Saran Fae Saran  Plum Crazy Saran Plum Crazy Saran Plum Thermal Saran Sapphire Blue Saran Sapphire Blue Saran Sapphire Blue Saran with Sky Blue highlights Circus Blue Saran Azure Blue Saran with Sapphire Blue Saran stripe Azure Saran with Purple Passion Saran and Platinum White alternate plugs Sky Blue Saran Mint Ice Saran Sea Glow Saran Sea Glow Saran Sea Glow Saran and Hi Ho Silver Saran Ever Green Saran Ever Green Saran