Morning everyone 😀

Last week seemed like a total wash out, things were going wrong left, right and center, the weather was appalling and my daughter was at home poorly!

My daughter has returned to school this morning (what a relief that is!), the weather has so far only brought heavy rain (fingers crossed that continues and it does not once again turn to snow) and today is the day I sit down and work through any hiccups that have yet to be resolved from last week.

Last week I felt particularly under pressure and stressed out, I am not sure quite what was going on there as it is highly unlike me to feel that way. I normally thrive under pressure and enjoy the challenges that each new day throws at me!

Hopefully the “normal” Robin is back – although I use the term normal very loosely! LOL Anyone who knows me would probably not use “normal” as their first word to describe me!! I am very happy with that though, it is much more fun being slightly mad!

I have a large backlog of emails to sort through from the end of last week and over the weekend so if I have yet to get back to you, please bear with me.

Sometimes I wonder if just me is enough, the thought of hiring someone to come and help me has been brought to the forefront of my mind recently, particularly over the last week! Taking on “staff” is a huge responsibility and it scares me a little … to hire someone or not to hire someone, that is the question.

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who has been patient with me recently, I panic that I have set too high a standard for myself and that when I slightly slip, people will take their business elsewhere. My husband is often assuring me that everyone understands that it is just me and that I am only human – it has been so lovely to find that he is right!

I need to worry less I think – that is easier said than done but I really appreciate how understanding everyone has been recently so again, THANK YOU!


I spent Saturday afternoon letting off some steam with my sister, her husband, my daughter and my uncle – here is a horrendously embarrassing video of me sledging on a lilo – I thought you may all get a giggle watching me in my deeply sexy pink wellies, waterproof trousers and skiing jacket! LOL

Cringe worthy video on Facebook

In other news, Twitter is fast becoming a new obsession for me – you can follow my ramblings here:

Are you on Twitter? I would love to hear from you if you are! I have found that even though my “work” pc is officially set to office hours, I “tweet” from my laptop during the evenings and weekends, it has brought out a whole new side of me! See you there!

Robin x