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Really quick update to let you know that our next My Little Customs 3rd Birthday Promotion is ready to rock!

For the next 3 days, all the Polypropylene hair is a mere £2 per pack whilst stocks last!! WOW

That is practically giving it away LOL

PP colour range

Never tried the Polypropylene before? Well now is your chance! At this amazingly low price, how can you afford not to give it a go?

Enjoy! 😉


Just a really quick update for you all x

First off, I am SO PLEASED to announce that Royal Mail are back to normal and my headache has been cured! LOL I managed to survive the strikes more or less unscathed, only one package is still awol so nowhere near as bad as expected!

There will be a mini celebration announced shortly so keep your eyes peeled!

On to the subject of My Little Pony – over the weekend I was helping a good friend of mine to identify some My Little Ponies when the topic turned to how to clean them up ready for sale. I immediately went to refer her to Moonfire’s G3MLP site for the amazing “Pony Salon” tutorials on how to wash and style MLP hair when to my horror, I discovered it gone! 😦

After a quick Google search, I found no other site with a similar picture tutorial so was wondering if it was worth me doing one for you?

It is such a shame to see Moonfire’s site is down, it was an incredibly helpful site which I often referred people to – I do hope Moonfire is ok, where ever she may be 😀

Robin x

Don’t forget, the amazing promotions currently running at My Little Customs finish at the end of the month! Hurry before it is too late!

Also, poor Sindy has yet to find a home – can you help her?

Sindy doll for sale

Sindy For Sale Page


NEW! Thatching tutorial ^_^

This video covers how to thatch a parting / part line on your rerooted doll – enjoy! 😀

I am super duper excited, I have been approached with a great offer and of course, I was thrilled to say YES!!

What offer I hear you cry? Well, I am proud to say that, after many weeks, I can officially announce that: katsilkdealer

My Little Customs is the Sole UK & European Authorised Katsilk Distributor 



I am hoping you will join me in celebrating and to get you all in the party spirit, how about some special offers??

FOR THE ENTIRE MONTH OF AUGUST (yes, the ENTIRE month!) the following AMAZING promotions will be storming ahead!


  • A simply WHOPPING 20% OFF ALL SARAN excluding XL Format size saran & 20 hank ongoing promotional offer* 

This brings the cost of one skein of Katsilk Saran down from the already great price of £3 to a teeny tiny £2.40 per pack!!


*XL Format sized saran? What is this? This, ladies and gents, is another brilliant product which is brand new and literally just arrived with me this morning!

  • My Little Customs is now stocking XL Format sized saran. As I am rather over excited today, I will be adding this to the site at a special introductory price of a mere £7 per pack!

You get an awful lot of hair in an XL Format skein, just look at how much you get compared to a standard sized hank!!

 hank comparison

The XL Format is a massive 31 inches long and weighs 1.5 ounces! The standard format is 18 inches long and weighs only 0.6 ounces.

Ideal for Blythe, Tonner, Gene, Tyler and all other larger dollies or, for all you super savvy savers who have spotted that you can get almost 3 times the amount of hair as in the standard pack – just imagine how many Sindy, Barbie, Fleur and other fashion sized doll heads can be rerooted from just the one skein!

For now, there are 17 XL Format colours available, the full range of colours will be available shortly.


  • And as if all that wasn’t enough, how about throwing in a little free shipping to the mix? Free shipping? Yup!

Spend just £14 or more and get FREE SHIPPING!

Have I gone completely mad? Possibly. Should you take advantage of all these amazing saran deals? MOST DEFINITELY!!

More Katsilk product ranges will be coming soon so keep your eyes peeled!

Robin x

Do you need someone to re-root your doll for you? Fed up of getting hair in a tangle, glue everywhere and stabbing yourself with needles? Then look no further!

My Little has teamed up with Fleur to bring you a brand new reroot commission service!

You may have seen all the gorgeous reroots whilst browsing and  thought “Gosh, I wish my dolls looked that good!” Well now they can 😀

Do you girls look like this?

Before Before1

The poor things – they need help!

Not sure where to turn? Never fear, Fleur Dolls is here!

Passionfruit Nylon reroot Butter Pecan Nylon reroot satsuma nylon reroot

But my doll is not a Fleur!!

Don’t panic! Fleur is not the only type of doll who can benefit from these talents!

Champagne blonde sindy reroot Glacier Misty Reroot golden sand white choc nylon Tammy reroot

We can currently offer the following services:

  • Nylon hair reroots*
  • Saran hair reroots*
  • Polypropylene hair reroots*
  • Eyelash reroots

* full head reroot or highlights, restoration or complete new colour.

You can also choose from different reroot methods, depending on your personal requirements.

Tool and Glue

A very quick method which only takes a few hours per doll. When the reroot is finished, the hair is secured on the inside using special glue. This method is completely safe and secure, once dry the hair can be brushed and styled as normal.

Knot Method

Most people prefer the knot method although it takes much longer. The hair plugs are individually knotted from the inside and no glue is used. Equally safe for washing, brushing and styling.

Prices start from:

Tool and Glue – £30

Knot Method – £40

Eyelashes – free with any reroot!

Please note, the above prices are a guide based on a Fleur / Sindy sized doll requiring 2 packs of reroot hair, please contact us with your requirements for an individual tailored quote. All prices are in GBP. 


  • Can you reroot my Barbie / Sindy / Tammy / Patch / Pippa / Gail / Daisy / any other dolly not listed here?

Yes! Any doll can be rerooted using the above methods, the main difference which will affect cost will be regarding the time and amount of hair needed based on your girls head size and amount of hair plugs! Please contact us to discuss your requirements and to receive your individually tailored quote 😀


  • My doll is only missing a few plugs, can you save her?

Yes! We have nearly 200 different colours of hair to choose from so should be able to provide a close, if not exact, match for your dolls original hair.


  • Can you do more than one colour in her hair?

Yes! Anything is possible! Please contact us to discuss your requirements and to receive your individually tailored quote 😀


  • Can I see some more examples of Fleur Dolls work?

Of course! Many photos can be seen in the Re-Root Gallery here on the My Little Customs blog, or alternatively, you can view her album of reroots on Flickr.

Don’t forget to visit the Fleur Dolls website !

Got a question you don’t see written here? Please do not hesitate to get in touch!

You may have already seen her on my Flickr photos, but here are some photographs of my Sindy ponytail reroot using the Knot Method in Blondicious Saran 🙂


😀 xx

Final tutorial for today – filmed at night so it is a wee bit dark I am afraid – onwards to the tutorial!

Robin x

As requested – instructions on how to use the reroot “tool” – or stabby tool as some people refer to it! LOL

Apologies for video quality, I promise new videos will be made using the camcorder at some point!

Hope this helps you all understand how brilliant the tool is 😀

Robin x

Rightiho chaps and chapesses 😀

I am finally pulling my finger out and sorting some rerooting tutorials for you all to show a variety of different methods you can use. I have had basic written tutorials on my FAQs page of the site for a long time now but they have been lacking the most important thing – PHOTOS!

The plan is to make a start today and take the photographs over the next few days so they should be ready for next week!

The tutorials I am planning are as follows:

Knot Method – there are a couple of variations on how you can do this, with thread or without using either preparing plugs in advance or just jumping straight in, using one knot at the end or one in the middle! I was thinking of showing each of the above methods so you can modify,  pick and choose which suits you best.

*UPDATE Feb 17th* First video is up! – The Knot Method:

Possibly toying with doing a My Little Pony manes and tails one too if there is enough interest.

Reroot Tool Method – just as it says, so many people ask me how exactly this is done so the best way is for me to show you!

** UPDATE** Feb 19th – Reroot Tool Method video is up!


Lock and Loop Method – this is a fab method which produces a finish which looks just as it is done in the factory, only by you and not a machine! LOL

** UPDATE ** Feb 19th – Lock & Loop Technique tutorial is up!

…. what am I forgetting?? um … oh yes! A method which is new to me, my good friend Dianna gave me the main pointers to go on a while back and is something I have been trying, I have yet to find a good tutorial on it so have been attempting a trial and error approach so perhaps I am not best qualified to show my method yet! It involves using one long hair plug and wrapping the hair around.

***** EDIT UPDATE! ***** I have been shown a link to a tutorial for the wrapping method mentioned above and it is much simpler than my half made up / half bodged attempt! Thank you for the link Cyber Alice!

Also I was thinking of doing a Thatching tutorial for your dollies part line, this may take a little longer to do as I will first need to reroot the doll! Once I have the initial tutorials up I will finish off the doll and sort a thatched part line tutorial for you.

The question for you all is this: Which would be most helpful, written tutorials with step by step photographs or video tutorials?

Please feel free to comment below or drop me an email – I definitely would appreciate your input on this one, plus anything you think I may have missed that would be useful to you ^_^

My Little Customs

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