I love, love, LOVE Christmas time – this year I have been handmaking a fair few gifts and as always, have been busy making decorations for the house. I have taken things a step further this year and gone down the “Eco” path, starting with eco gift wrap!

I bought a large roll of brown parcel paper, some ribbon, went into the loft to dig out the remains of last years wrapping paper, broke open my crafty bits n bobs and set to work:

I love how versatile this way of wrapping is! I snipped some cute little snowflakes out from some scrap paper, stuck little glittery christmas trees on, even went all out with some diamantes LOL

They look beautiful under the tree!

The best part is that I still have lots of gifts to wrap so I can try my hand at these beautiful handmade bows:

~ photo from How About Orange ~ click the photo to view the tutorial!

After making my paper baubles a couple of years ago, this year my daughter and I tried our hand at making some cinnamon apple ornaments.

They turned out brilliantly – so simple and they smell GREAT! I have a sneaking suspicion our dog has eaten a couple of them as we are missing some, however, even though they smell yummy, I shouldn’t imagine that PVA glue tastes all that nice! LOL

There are lots of tutorials online on how to make these, we personally followed Simply Vintage Girl’s Recipe 🙂

We also made some 3D snowflakes, they look gorgeous – a bit fiddly but the results are stunning! We followed this tutorial

If you are starting to dig the eco vibe (yeah maaaaaaan) why not make your own garland? Every year I make my own because I am a cheapskate care about the enviroment.

I use bay branches from the tree in our garden (which smell divine) and some ivy to form the basic shape then pretty it up with some fake berries, homemade dried orange slices, sparkly stars and whatever else I have to hand! Costs no more than a couple of pounds but looks very christmassy.

It doesn’t need to be restricted to just a mantel piece, I use it all over the house – from the TV stand to sprigs on our sideboard!

Hopefully I can upload some more photos at some point, however I really must stopping blogging, pack up my orders and get them shipped so I can finish the decorating! YAY!



Apologies for the delay in getting this information up, we have been plagued with ill health at My Little Customs HQ over the last 10 days!

The last posting date for all orders placed on http://www.mylittlecustoms.com is:


Any orders placed after this time will not be processed and shipped until WEDNESDAY 5TH JANUARY

Please also note that from today, no international orders are guaranteed to be with you in time for Christmas as these shipping dates have already passed 😦


It is highly unusual for me to blog about something non dolly or mylittlecustoms.com related, however, something happened today which really shocked me and made me think.

My Grandad is currently in hospital. This morning he called me asking if  could pick up a few things in town for him as everyone else in the family is severely snowed in. My daughter is very poorly today, tucked up in bed with a vomiting virus and so I had a hour’s window to rush into town, get the bits and drop them up to the hospital before my husband had to leave for work.

I headed into Barnstaple which was packed with hundreds of people doing their christmas shopping. The temperature guage on my car had read -1 degree so it was certainly very cold! As I rushed to the first shop on my list, I passed a homeless chap sitting in a doorway. That is nothing unusual, however, what struck me was that he had bare feet. Bare feet in this weather?!

I carried on but couldn’t shake him from my mind so decided to make a quick diversion to our branch of Millets to see if they had any blankets for sale. They had none in stock but asked who it was for, a child or someone else as a gift? I laughed and feeling  like a total plonker said it was for a man I had seen sitting in the high street that had bare feet. The chaps behind the counter couldn’t believe it and quickly grabbed me a pair of socks for him to use. I was really touched and thought, hey, hang on, maybe I am not completely mad after all!

On the way back up the road, I passed another outdoor shop and grabbed a fleece blanket and some hand warmers.

As I was heading back towards where I had seen the man, I started to doubt myself, I felt like a complete idiot – what if he didn’t want any help? Had I imagined it? I half expected to see him snug and warm in a sleeping bag with a hot coffee being helped by a local charity or something but as I reached him, he was just the same, sat quietly, not hassling anyone with completely bare hands and feet.

Loaded with M&S shopping bags and looking like every other christmas shopper on the street, I cannot tell you how ridiculous and embarrassed I felt as I stopped to chat to him – he was a really lovely man and seemed genuinely surprised that I had bought him a blanket. He told me that he couldn’t fit any socks or shoes on as his feet were too swollen, they looked so cold and sore. Whilst I was chatting to him and polietly declining his offer of getting under the blanket with him (LOL) I noticed people were looking at me like I was a complete fruit loop. I couldn’t believe it. It made me so cross!!

Now, I am normally one of those people who walks on past, shakes my head when someone asks me for change and hurries off. Yes I buy the Big Issue occasionally but I am by no means a “Do-Gooder”. If it hadn’t been for his bare feet I would probably not have stopped or even given him a second glance either. I would have said to myself “oh its ok, someone else will help him”.

Today for the first time in my life, I was that someone else.

I am not sure why I am writing this blog post, perhaps just to vent about the way the other people made me so angry but there it is.

The only thing I regret is that I didn’t ask his name.


October is convention month for me! I attended the first ever UK BlytheCon at the beginning of this month and am now preparing for UK PonyCon!

UK PonyCon 2010 is taking place on Saturday 23rd October in Birmingham – I couldn’t make it to the 2009 PonyCon so am even more excited than usual – I have missed you all!

This year, as always, I will be having a stall however, I am not sure how to lay out my stall this year, do I opt for the hair rainbow like I had in 2008 or do I try something different? Ponies and rainbows go hand in hand, however, over the last 2 years my hair colour range has massively increased so I am not sure I can fit them all on!

2008 My Little Customs stall 2008 My Little Customs stall at UKPonyCon 2008 MLC stall at UKPonyCon

Photos courtesy of Escarchita on Flickr ^_^

There are lots of lovely photographs from previous PonyCon’s to get you in the mood! You can view them either on the UK PonyCon website or alternatively, on Flickr!

Not to be left out, my Blythe doll Christmas is getting prepared too; she has her My Little Pony dress on and her trusty steed ready to take her to Birmingham – some of you may have met her at the 2008 UKPonyCon, Blythe’s love ponies too! LOL

I also can’t wait to get my hands on the UKPonyCon 2010 Exclusive pony, she is GREEN! Yay ponies!

Hope to see you there!

UKPonyCon, The International My Little Pony Convention, is taking place on 23rd October at The Public, West Bromich, B70 7PG – doors open at 10am – you can buy your tickets in advance at www.ukponycon.co.uk or alternatively on the door!

There are plenty of examples around the internet which demonstrate the power of twitter, everything from Coke getting 85 million web hits from one tweet to a lady finding her family member after the Chilean earthquake but today Twitter saved my butt.

Or rather, the wonderful people who use Twitter saved me 😉

My computer is old. I mean properly OLD. It has been struggling on for the last few years and I am always whinging about it hehe – only last week I tweeted about my aging PC.

This morning, after rebooting my computer,  I was greeted with this:

Oh dear.

After getting out the laptop and Googling the problem, I decided to try asking on Twitter if anyone knew whether I was about to use the right guide for fixing it.

Now, I am no Stephen Fry, I have a few hundred followers compared to the thousands most people have and yet, instantly I had help!

Not only was everyone very patient with me whilst I spammed up timelines with my constant questions, ranting and conversations, but people were really supportive.

Huge thanks in particular go to Dan, the boyfriend of @Teacupfaery, who stayed online for as long as he could, helping me and putting things in laymen terms, he is my hero of the day!

Also massive thanks to @x_xQueeniex_x, @convallis, @PaNDaMOn1Um, @AnnaPuzzlemint & @bgraf for being so sweet!

After several frustrating hours, my computer limped slowly back into life and is now pretty much back up to speed. Hooray!

Today has proven to me that you do not need thousands of followers to realise the power Twitter has, just a select few GREAT people, and that is why I love Twitter.

I am extremely excited (and nervous!!) about BlytheCon UK which is happening THIS weekend, Oct 2nd!

My daughter and I will be driving up on the day so I won’t be having a stall (this year!) however, that hasn’t stopped My Little Customs from donating a prize; here is a sneaky peek at the goodies!

The complete list of items is as follows:

A http://www.mylittlecustoms.com Gift Certificate, 6 pairs of Pupa Paradise eyechips, 1 pair of natural iris eyechips, 1 pair of origami paper backed eyechips, 3 fat quarters of super cute fabric, 2 cute handmade Blythe dresses, 1 set of Blythe eyelashes, 3 sets of eye foils, 3 sets of lipstickers, a lip painting template, a set of graduated foils, lots of tiny 4mm buttons, pink and white heart buttons, apple shank buttons, little bows, pom pom trim, rick rack trim and various lace trims!

Don’t forget, if you need any last minute bits, you can order right up until Friday evening as I am happy to hand deliver any orders! LOL Just pop a note in at the checkout asking me to bring your items along on Saturday 😉

For more info on BlytheCon UK , visit  http://blythecon.co.uk/

If you see us, please stop me and say hi! 😀




The website has been updated and now all that is left to do is photograph the new yummy colours – check back later to see them!

Thank you to EVERYONE for such lovely emails and messages of support, you have all been so sweet and kept me smiling  throughout this whole tedious and bizarre issue


Edit to add – new colours are photographed and ready!

Also, alongside the new colours, some old favourites are back in but BE QUICK – they are selling MUCH faster than I thought!! *_*

^_^ x

Today I received a letter from the UK Border Agency about my Nylon hair shipment (which has never happened before!) – having spent over 2 hours (yes 2 HOURS) trying to get through on the phone, I turned to Google.

Now I am worried. Google has thrown up some interesting posts, threads and blog posts all of which suggest long delays.

Hopefully I can get through to someone tomorrow.

I pray it won’t be a repeat of this afternoons nightmare, all the different phone numbers I have tried just give the engaged tone – I wouldn’t mind hold music, or being told “your call is in a queue, please hold” but to just CONSTANTLY have the burb burb burb burb of the engaged tone is soul destroying. This is how I spent those couple of hours – one finger poised to hang up, my thumb hitting “redial” immediately after.

As a side note,  my tracking has “SENT TO STORE, AWAITING INFORMATION” written under the awaiting customs charging bit – I only noticed that this afternoon and have no clue what that means! Is that in reference to the letter I received today? Does anyone know?

I am at my wits end with this 😦

Hi everyone,

This is just a really quick post to let you know what is happening with the Nylon hair shipment – you have all been waiting INCREDIBLY patiently for my shipment to arrive (huge thank you to you all for that!) – as some of you may already know, I had a guaranteed arrival date of August 3rd, however, ParcelForce have stepped in and are holding the hair to ransom – hopefully it will be with me by the end of the week.

ParcelForce never fail to brighten my day – I was very excited that I had an actual tangible date for delivery but was most disappointed this morning to see that ParcelForce haven’t missed an opportunity to make money with their ridiculously high “handling” fees.

You will be the first to know when it arrives!

Robin x

My Little Customs

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