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Hello customizers,

I wanted to introduce myself as the new owner now that I have settled in. I am Elise and I am looking forward to helping everyone out with their customizing needs.

If there are products you need that we do not sell, then please tell me what you want to buy as I am always happy to listen to your request and then I might stock that product.

Warmest regards

Elise ^_^



Hey everyone,

Just a quick note to let you all know that I will be away from Wednesday 20th July through to Thrusday 28th.

Last shipping date will therefore be Tuesday 19th July.

After that, all orders will processed on Friday 29th July. All emails will also be attended to on Friday 29th.

Robin x

As many, many, MANY of you have found, my website shopping cart has lots of glitches at the moment, the primary one being that it is not allowing you to add items to your cart by giving out a “Temporarily” message. This has been hugely frustrating for everyone and here at My Little Customs HQ we are struggling to find the cause of the problem.

As a solution, I have decided to completely move the website to a new home until we can fix the errors. This will mean that everything should work properly (fingers crossed!) and takes the immediate pressure off my website designer as his wife has recently had a brand new baby 🙂

I have MASSIVELY under estimated how long it will take to transfer all the products and information across, I had rather hoped to have the site live by now, however, with well over 400 different products to transfer and with only my 2 hands to work with, things are taking a long time.

I am so focused on trying to get my site sorted that once again, I also find myself falling behind on emails – does anyone know how I can find more hours in the day?!

I really hope you can bear with me during this tricky process, I cannot tell you how much your continuing patience means to me!

For now – here is a sneaky peek of how things are looking …

Robin xoxo

It is highly unusual for me to blog about something non dolly or related, however, something happened today which really shocked me and made me think.

My Grandad is currently in hospital. This morning he called me asking if  could pick up a few things in town for him as everyone else in the family is severely snowed in. My daughter is very poorly today, tucked up in bed with a vomiting virus and so I had a hour’s window to rush into town, get the bits and drop them up to the hospital before my husband had to leave for work.

I headed into Barnstaple which was packed with hundreds of people doing their christmas shopping. The temperature guage on my car had read -1 degree so it was certainly very cold! As I rushed to the first shop on my list, I passed a homeless chap sitting in a doorway. That is nothing unusual, however, what struck me was that he had bare feet. Bare feet in this weather?!

I carried on but couldn’t shake him from my mind so decided to make a quick diversion to our branch of Millets to see if they had any blankets for sale. They had none in stock but asked who it was for, a child or someone else as a gift? I laughed and feeling  like a total plonker said it was for a man I had seen sitting in the high street that had bare feet. The chaps behind the counter couldn’t believe it and quickly grabbed me a pair of socks for him to use. I was really touched and thought, hey, hang on, maybe I am not completely mad after all!

On the way back up the road, I passed another outdoor shop and grabbed a fleece blanket and some hand warmers.

As I was heading back towards where I had seen the man, I started to doubt myself, I felt like a complete idiot – what if he didn’t want any help? Had I imagined it? I half expected to see him snug and warm in a sleeping bag with a hot coffee being helped by a local charity or something but as I reached him, he was just the same, sat quietly, not hassling anyone with completely bare hands and feet.

Loaded with M&S shopping bags and looking like every other christmas shopper on the street, I cannot tell you how ridiculous and embarrassed I felt as I stopped to chat to him – he was a really lovely man and seemed genuinely surprised that I had bought him a blanket. He told me that he couldn’t fit any socks or shoes on as his feet were too swollen, they looked so cold and sore. Whilst I was chatting to him and polietly declining his offer of getting under the blanket with him (LOL) I noticed people were looking at me like I was a complete fruit loop. I couldn’t believe it. It made me so cross!!

Now, I am normally one of those people who walks on past, shakes my head when someone asks me for change and hurries off. Yes I buy the Big Issue occasionally but I am by no means a “Do-Gooder”. If it hadn’t been for his bare feet I would probably not have stopped or even given him a second glance either. I would have said to myself “oh its ok, someone else will help him”.

Today for the first time in my life, I was that someone else.

I am not sure why I am writing this blog post, perhaps just to vent about the way the other people made me so angry but there it is.

The only thing I regret is that I didn’t ask his name.


Please note – any orders placed at My Little over the New Year period will be processed and dispatched on Monday 4th January – have a lovely New Year, enjoy the festivities and I will see you all in 2010!

😀 xx

I just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas 😀

Please note, that all orders placed over the festive period will be processed ready for shipping on December 29th.

Should anyone in the UK need anything urgently, there is still time! Opt for Special Delivery until Wednesday 23rd December, ordering cut off time – 1pm.

Have a very happy holiday!

Robin x

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