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Hey Everyone,

So much has been happening at MyLittleCustoms HQ since I took over that I have barely found time to blog about it!

These are VERY exciting times indeed, not only am heavily pregnant and due to give birth literally any day now, I have also been busy sourcing great new product lines, writing a fab Hair Dyeing Tutorial and even MORE excitingly, sourced some brand new, totally exclusive hair lines which you cannot find anywhere else!!

Firstly, I must tell you about the new hair.

We have 6 new EXCLUSIVE hair colours on the site that you will not find on any other customising supplies website. It has taken us a little time to get it prepped and ready for launch and so offer huge thanks to everyone for being so patient with us 😀

Firstly we have 2 colours of GLOW IN THE DARK HAIR! Whoop whoop! This has been so hard for everyone to find given it has been out of stock for SUCH a long time so we are super excited to be able to bring it back for you all!

Not only are we stocking the standard white hair which glows, we are also stocking green!

Glow in the Dark GREEN Glow in the Dark WHITE

Alongside the Glow in the Dark hair, we are also now stocking UV COLOUR CHANGE HAIR. UV Changing hair? What on earth is that? Is it like the Thermal Colour Change hair? No! It’s totally new!!

Instead of requiring heat to change, it is UV reactive so all you need is sunshine! The longer / stronger the daylight is that is exposed to the hair, the darker it goes. Awesome stuff!

This is also fantastic news for all you My Little Pony restorers … finally hair which can be used to restore the UV strip in the Sunshine Pony hair 😀  (talking of ponies, did you know we also stock tinsel?)

UV Reactive Hair YELLOW   UV Reactive Hair PINK   UV Colour Change Hair PURPLE   UV Colour Change Hair BLUE

Available in yellow, pink, purple and blue there is bound to be a UV Colour Change shade for you!

We really hope you are as excited about the new hair as we are 😀

Having said all that, it’s not just the hair lines that we have been focusing our attention – we have been Blythe crazy here!

My Little Customs is really proud to be stocking a wide range of Blythe goodies, most of which are exclusive to us! Nowhere else in Europe can you find our RBL & FBL Face Plates, Blythe Scalps, Twiggy Twiggy & CoolCat Pull Rings, our new range of super kawaii Hair Accessories from Japan …. not to mention the fact we were the first to stock Brainworm Eyechips alongside all our other exclusive Blythe usuals of Lip Stickers, Eye Foils, Mini Hair Clips …… phew!!


You can see everything we have to offer on the main Blythe Category of our website.

Don’t forget, the BEST place to hear things first is our Facebook Page 😀

Please drop by and “like” our page – we regularly update with our news, reroot photos and are always there for a natter and catch up! My Little Customs on Facebook

Elise  ^_^ xx


I get a lot of questions regarding the checkout on , so I thought a little walk through guide may help (especially for all my lovely customers who do not speak English as their first language) – I hope it helps! 😀

Click on the photos to enlarge

How to shop online at

1. What would you like to buy? I will be using the Nylon hair as an example.

2. Choose your colour – click on the colour thumbnail

3. Click on the “Add to Cart” button

4. 😀

5. Adjust the total of how many hanks you require and click “Update Totals” – then click “Checkout”

6. Fill out your details

7. How would you like to pay? Select your preferred method 😀

Cheque / Postal Order – UK ONLY

PayPal – payment via credit or debit card – or – PayPal balance should you have an account. You do not need a PayPal account for this – I will talk you through using PayPal as a credit card payment facility in a moment.

BACS / IBAN – Bank Transfer for either UK or EU – UK bank transfers are completely safe and usually clear within a few hours – please note, transfers from the EU can take up to 10 days to clear

8. Select your shipping method

9. Confirm everything is correct then click “Checkout”


Payment via PayPal – you will be taken to this screen:

If you already have a PayPal account, log in on the right and continue as normal. Once you have completed the steps in PayPal, you will be required back to

You do NOT need a PayPal account to use PayPal. If you want to pay by credit card or debit card, follow the instructions on the left.

PayPal would love you to have an account,  therefore, they do not make it immediately obvious that you can use them for single payments without the need for signing up – this is why the “continue” link is small and the “log in” area is huge!! You can use PayPal for single payments as often as you like 😀


Payment via cheque – UK ONLY! You will be taken to this screen:

Here you will see confirmation of your order alongside the details needed for paying via cheque. Don’t worry if you have already clicked away from the screen before taking note of the info, just drop me an email


Payment via Bank Transfer – UK or EU – You will be taken to this screen:

Here you will see confirmation of your order alongside the details needed for paying via bank transfer. Don’t worry if you have already clicked away from the screen before taking note of the info, just drop me an email

Now you are done! You will recieve an email confirming your order.

All you have to do is sit back and wait for the postman to deliver your goodies! YAY!

Robin xx

I am starting to weed out a few stock lines so I can concentrate on the doll supplies side of thing – this means that the Fairy Wings section is heading for the chop! Uh oh! (Don’t worry, my tutorials will be staying here on my blog for all to download)

The good news for you is you get the chance to grab some supplies at a ridiculously low price! All Angelina Heat Fusible Films & Fibres are priced to clear at a mere £1.99 per pack – down from £2.90! This is THE CHEAPEST price on the net!

Hurry – once they are gone, that’s it! They will not be re-stocked.

Stock clearance

Want to know how to use the Films & Fibres? You can download my PDF tutorials completely FREE here on my blog. 😀

Fairy Wing Tutorials

Happy Crafting!

Robin x

NEW! Thatching tutorial ^_^

This video covers how to thatch a parting / part line on your rerooted doll – enjoy! 😀

Final tutorial for today – filmed at night so it is a wee bit dark I am afraid – onwards to the tutorial!

Robin x

As requested – instructions on how to use the reroot “tool” – or stabby tool as some people refer to it! LOL

Apologies for video quality, I promise new videos will be made using the camcorder at some point!

Hope this helps you all understand how brilliant the tool is 😀

Robin x

Rightio people, I have listened to your feedback and suggestions regarding the rerooting tutorials and bit the bullet and jumped straight in with video over photographs.

This is my first ever attempt at a video tutorial – it is so cringeworthy I can hardly watch! LOL Who knew something so simple could be so horrendously embarrassing heehee!

It is not the best quality, filmed from my digital camera – I also apologise for the fact I could not see past my camera and so often inadvertantly took my hands out of shot to see what I was doing! Its rather difficult to watch what I am doing on a screen and do it at the same time!

My husband has suggested using the camcorder for attempt number 2 which should mean much clearer shots and better lighting but until then, I hope this goes a little way towards helping you all with the “Knot Method” 😀

Enough with my nervous apologies and excuses – on with the show!

This tutorial shows the basic Knot Method, showing 3 variations: Knotting as you go, preparing plugs in advance and using the knot in the middle of the plug.



Next tutorial planned is the reroot tool – I am also planning to show you methods using thread, dental floss, lock and loop, some MLP tutorials alongside a thatching tutorial.

First I need to distract my daughter long enough to give me 10 minutes of silence – oh the joys of half term!

Robin x

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