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Hey Everyone,

So much has been happening at MyLittleCustoms HQ since I took over that I have barely found time to blog about it!

These are VERY exciting times indeed, not only am heavily pregnant and due to give birth literally any day now, I have also been busy sourcing great new product lines, writing a fab Hair Dyeing Tutorial and even MORE excitingly, sourced some brand new, totally exclusive hair lines which you cannot find anywhere else!!

Firstly, I must tell you about the new hair.

We have 6 new EXCLUSIVE hair colours on the site that you will not find on any other customising supplies website. It has taken us a little time to get it prepped and ready for launch and so offer huge thanks to everyone for being so patient with us 😀

Firstly we have 2 colours of GLOW IN THE DARK HAIR! Whoop whoop! This has been so hard for everyone to find given it has been out of stock for SUCH a long time so we are super excited to be able to bring it back for you all!

Not only are we stocking the standard white hair which glows, we are also stocking green!

Glow in the Dark GREEN Glow in the Dark WHITE

Alongside the Glow in the Dark hair, we are also now stocking UV COLOUR CHANGE HAIR. UV Changing hair? What on earth is that? Is it like the Thermal Colour Change hair? No! It’s totally new!!

Instead of requiring heat to change, it is UV reactive so all you need is sunshine! The longer / stronger the daylight is that is exposed to the hair, the darker it goes. Awesome stuff!

This is also fantastic news for all you My Little Pony restorers … finally hair which can be used to restore the UV strip in the Sunshine Pony hair 😀  (talking of ponies, did you know we also stock tinsel?)

UV Reactive Hair YELLOW   UV Reactive Hair PINK   UV Colour Change Hair PURPLE   UV Colour Change Hair BLUE

Available in yellow, pink, purple and blue there is bound to be a UV Colour Change shade for you!

We really hope you are as excited about the new hair as we are 😀

Having said all that, it’s not just the hair lines that we have been focusing our attention – we have been Blythe crazy here!

My Little Customs is really proud to be stocking a wide range of Blythe goodies, most of which are exclusive to us! Nowhere else in Europe can you find our RBL & FBL Face Plates, Blythe Scalps, Twiggy Twiggy & CoolCat Pull Rings, our new range of super kawaii Hair Accessories from Japan …. not to mention the fact we were the first to stock Brainworm Eyechips alongside all our other exclusive Blythe usuals of Lip Stickers, Eye Foils, Mini Hair Clips …… phew!!


You can see everything we have to offer on the main Blythe Category of our website.

Don’t forget, the BEST place to hear things first is our Facebook Page 😀

Please drop by and “like” our page – we regularly update with our news, reroot photos and are always there for a natter and catch up! My Little Customs on Facebook

Elise  ^_^ xx


Hey everyone,

It is with huge excitement that now I am back from my holiday, I can now officially announce that My Little Customs has a brand new owner 😀

Elise is stepping into the fold to be the big boss of My Little Customs – you will all love her, she is a real sweetheart so play nice with the new girl LOL! ❤

There will no doubt be a little bit of overlap whilst loose ends are tied up, you can still reach me if needs be so don’t worry! I will not be falling off the face of the earth, if there are any problems just shout 😀

You can reach Elise via her email address:

I personally am moving onto pastures new, my new venture will be hopefully off the ground by the autumn – if you would like to have a sneaky peak, you can find me here:    My new email address is now

I have genuinely loved running MLC over the years, have made some amazing friends, have been extremely fortunate to have such wonderful customers and had LOTS of fun and laughter in the process – I am sure you will all join me in wishing Elise the very best of luck, she is a genuinely lovely lady, with great plans for the future and I can’t wait to see what she does with MLC, I know it is going to thrive, prosper and grow – please be assured that I am leaving My Little Customs in extremely capable hands 😀

Lots of love,

Robin xxxx

Hey Everyone,

It is with a heavy heart that I am “officially” announcing that will shortly be up for sale.

I am looking to pursue a brand new venture, My Little Customs keeps me so very busy that I simply do not have the time I need so something has to give. Unfortunately, my baby, My Little Customs is that thing.

Therefore, My Little Customs will be up for sale as a going concern.

Whilst it is for sale, please be assured that I will continue to run it as long as needs be so there will be no interruption in service, no huge closing down sale, no dramas so please DO NOT PANIC!   I will be here as long as I am needed 😀

Full details will be made available shortly, however, in brief the sale will consist of the following:

  • The My Little Customs domain names (both .com and
  • The current Nylon Sole UK Exclusivity contact will remain with My Little Customs and will be transferred to the new owner
  • £2,500 worth of stock
  • The My Little Customs Facebook Fan Page
  • The My Little Customs Flickr Group
  • The official My Little Customs Blog
  • Permission to use all photography, imagery, YouTube videos and tutorials which will remain with the site
  • Lists and contact details of all suppliers
  • Business plan for expansion and new revenue streams (should this be required)
  • Full training and support from me for as long as the new owner wishes

My Little Customs still has fantastic potential to grow, it is currently the 3rd largest hair stockist globally and is the largest site in the UK, it has a great customer base, superb reputation, amazing amount of traffic and has a great web presence.

It can be fully relocated to anywhere in the world and would be ideal for someone who wishes to simply run it as is, take it to the next step and realise its full potential or even combine with another complimentary business.

I truly hope it finds a fabby new owner who can continue to provide the best level of service.

The full advert, spec and pricing will be released into the public domain shortly, however, any interested parties are invited to contact me privately beforehand should they wish.

The new website is now LIVE!!

Thank you ALL for your patience and understanding ❤

Robin x

I love, love, LOVE Christmas time – this year I have been handmaking a fair few gifts and as always, have been busy making decorations for the house. I have taken things a step further this year and gone down the “Eco” path, starting with eco gift wrap!

I bought a large roll of brown parcel paper, some ribbon, went into the loft to dig out the remains of last years wrapping paper, broke open my crafty bits n bobs and set to work:

I love how versatile this way of wrapping is! I snipped some cute little snowflakes out from some scrap paper, stuck little glittery christmas trees on, even went all out with some diamantes LOL

They look beautiful under the tree!

The best part is that I still have lots of gifts to wrap so I can try my hand at these beautiful handmade bows:

~ photo from How About Orange ~ click the photo to view the tutorial!

After making my paper baubles a couple of years ago, this year my daughter and I tried our hand at making some cinnamon apple ornaments.

They turned out brilliantly – so simple and they smell GREAT! I have a sneaking suspicion our dog has eaten a couple of them as we are missing some, however, even though they smell yummy, I shouldn’t imagine that PVA glue tastes all that nice! LOL

There are lots of tutorials online on how to make these, we personally followed Simply Vintage Girl’s Recipe 🙂

We also made some 3D snowflakes, they look gorgeous – a bit fiddly but the results are stunning! We followed this tutorial

If you are starting to dig the eco vibe (yeah maaaaaaan) why not make your own garland? Every year I make my own because I am a cheapskate care about the enviroment.

I use bay branches from the tree in our garden (which smell divine) and some ivy to form the basic shape then pretty it up with some fake berries, homemade dried orange slices, sparkly stars and whatever else I have to hand! Costs no more than a couple of pounds but looks very christmassy.

It doesn’t need to be restricted to just a mantel piece, I use it all over the house – from the TV stand to sprigs on our sideboard!

Hopefully I can upload some more photos at some point, however I really must stopping blogging, pack up my orders and get them shipped so I can finish the decorating! YAY!




The website has been updated and now all that is left to do is photograph the new yummy colours – check back later to see them!

Thank you to EVERYONE for such lovely emails and messages of support, you have all been so sweet and kept me smiling  throughout this whole tedious and bizarre issue


Edit to add – new colours are photographed and ready!

Also, alongside the new colours, some old favourites are back in but BE QUICK – they are selling MUCH faster than I thought!! *_*

^_^ x

I am starting to weed out a few stock lines so I can concentrate on the doll supplies side of thing – this means that the Fairy Wings section is heading for the chop! Uh oh! (Don’t worry, my tutorials will be staying here on my blog for all to download)

The good news for you is you get the chance to grab some supplies at a ridiculously low price! All Angelina Heat Fusible Films & Fibres are priced to clear at a mere £1.99 per pack – down from £2.90! This is THE CHEAPEST price on the net!

Hurry – once they are gone, that’s it! They will not be re-stocked.

Stock clearance

Want to know how to use the Films & Fibres? You can download my PDF tutorials completely FREE here on my blog. 😀

Fairy Wing Tutorials

Happy Crafting!

Robin x

My Little was born from my personal love of customising – my job means I get to chat to some wonderfully creative people!

For my first ever “Blog Interview” I have been very lucky that the ever talented My Little Pony and Sindy customizer PolarisX who is particularly well know for her awesome series of  “Dark Ponies”  has taken time out to have a chat with me 😀


So, let’s start from the top – how and when did you discover the world of My Little Pony?
About 10 years ago. I was looking for something in my parent’s loft and I found a box containing all of my childhood ponies, about 20 in total. The nostalgia was too hard to resist so I put them on display and started picking up a few in charity shops. A few years later, I found and joined a community online of like-minded people.

Do you collect My Little Pony and if so, how many do you have in your collection?
I do collect but my collection is pretty specific. I had the UK Fact File when I was young and I really wanted every pony in there, so my aim is to eventually get all the ponies from it. I have also started collecting foreign variants, which can be an expensive habit so I tend to get them in bad condition so I can restore them.

Where do you keep them?
I keep my collection in my old room at my parent’s house (I will move them eventually) All my customs are at my flat and I keep trying to think up new places for them to go. I am running out of space fast….

Who is your favourite pony and why?
Honeycomb. She has a very simple design and looks quite elegant. I also remember buying her in my local Woolies and I can still recall the ‘new pony’ smell when I opened her packet.

How did you first get into customising?
I found a really manky pony on a market stall, it had a severe hair cut and most of the symbols were rubbed away. I painted a random pattern on the body with nail varnish (which I know now is a big no no) and threaded some unravelled chord into the mane. This was before I really new about the world of MLP and customs. When did finally join an online board, I realised that loads of people were doing it and using much better materials.

How did you learn?
I read a few online tutorials at first and picked up a few tips here and there. I used a lot of trial and error as well. But the most useful source of information has been the UK PonyCon Forum. The people on there are fab and are always on hand if I have a question about customising.

Which has been your favourite custom / one you are most proud of?
My Lantern pony I made for Halloween last year. It was the first custom I did that came out exactly as I wanted it to. It has a tiny light inside which can be switched on and off by a little switch on the leg. I thought it would be really complicated but it was relatively easy in the end.

Where do you find your inspiration?
I often get stuck for ideas. The Dark idea came from Marvel. I was reading a comic, which had the Dark Beast in. I want to be more adventurous with my designs and branch out a bit more. I am hoping to do more with beads and sculpting in the future.

What are you currently working on?
I still have a few more Dark ponies to do and I am trying to make babies and newborns for all my collections ponies as well. I have started to do new versions of 80s ponies as well as alternate poses. I plan to do a set based on The Gods but that might be way off.

Show me some of your Dark Ponies!

Do you have any advice for anyone who just starting out?
Experiment and practice; it’s the best way to learn and get a feel for it. Also, join a community. It’s a great way to learn about the best materials and techniques.

What materials do you use / cannot live without?
The long doll needles and pliers, I am lost without them. The needles are essential for rehairing so I make sure I always have a spare (I have a tendency to snap them) and the pliers make pulling the needles through much easier. Without them, you have very sore fingers! I also have a very bad hair habit. I have to stop myself from buying most of the stock on My Little Customs, but it is very addictive.

Hair preference! Nylon, Polypropylene or Saran? Why?
No preference really, I just pick colours I like (which is pretty much all of them!). I probably buy Nylon the most as I find it is the easiest to use and it can be curled.

Where can people find you? web / forum etc
I have a little website which has my customs on The Custom Hut I am also on the UK PonyCon Forum under the name PolarisX.

A little bit of background information on yourself, hobbies, other interests, age.
I am 28 and I recently had a change of job, which meant I have more time for customising. I have also been able to start learning Japanese and practice archery. I find customising therapeutic and a great way to relax so I can usually be found customising in front of a dodgy horror film or two. I have also started painting recently and am working on a series of comic themed canvases.

I also customise Sindy dolls, and I hope to get better at making outfits for them, so I need to improve my sewing skills. I aim to complete a set of dolls based on the Greek Gods, complete with accessories, but I need a lot more practice first.


Thank you so much for the interview Vic!


HUGE thanks to the wonderful work of Agnes, the amazingly talented lady behind for allowing me to link to her post!

You can read the full post and see the beautiful new hair / original hair comparison photographs on the Fleur Dolls Blog

The colour matches for your vintage Fleur dollies are as follows:

1970s – blonde
Color match – Nylon Buttercreme

1970s – strawberry blonde
Colour match – saran Honey Blonde

1970s – brunette
Colour – Nylon Devil’s Food. Please note – this color is not an exact match, but they are about Darker shade.

1980s – blonde
Colour – Nylon Golden Sand

1980s – redhead
Colour – saran TuTone Titian

1980s – brunette
Colour – Nylon Chocolate Fudge

Don’t forget, Fleur Dolls also run a rerooting commission service so if your doll needs some TLC, she is the lady for the job!

You can find out more details on the Re-Root Service page or alternatively, visit the Fleur Dolls website.

CONGRATULATIONS TO ANNA! Winning Ticket Number 3

Do you fancy the chance of winning a WHOPPING £50 of store credit to spend at ?

You do? Brilliant! Then this is for you!

I am holding a My Little Customs Lucky Draw! All you need to do to stand a chance of winning is to get your ticket!

Tickets are £3.50 (GBP) each and there is no limit on how many tickets you can buy.

The draw will be run from now until Sunday 2nd May 2010 at Midnight (GMT) with the winner announced on Monday 3rd May.

You can get your tickets from My Little HERE

A mere £3.50 could potentially win you £50’s worth of store credit to spend on whatever you wish at My Little Customs – what are you waiting for? Go get your tickets!! 😀

Robin xoxo

All the rules and technical bits ^_~ :

  • The My Little Customs Lucky Draw will run from 20th April 2010 until 2nd May 2010 at 12 Midnight GMT.
  • Tickets cost £3.50 (GBP) each
  • There is no limit to how many tickets you can purchase
  • Ticket numbers will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis
  • The winning number will be selected on Monday 3rd May 2010 using and a screen shot posted for validation
  • The winner will be contacted via email after the drawing on Monday 3rd May 2010
  • A full list of entrant names with the corresponding ticket numbers will be kept in hard copy so no need to worry if you forget your number!
  • All entrant names will be kept private
  • The £50 of store credit can be redeemed on against any product
My Little Customs

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