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Hey everyone,

Quick update to say that My Little Customs will be not processing any orders from tomorrow (29th April) through to Monday (May 2nd) as both these days are public holidays and the Post Office is shut!

All orders and emails will be attended to on TUESDAY MAY 3rd.

I hope you all enjoy the long weekend – fingers crossed the sunshine stays!

Robin xx


The new website is now LIVE!!

Thank you ALL for your patience and understanding ❤

Robin x

Apologies for the delay in getting this information up, we have been plagued with ill health at My Little Customs HQ over the last 10 days!

The last posting date for all orders placed on is:


Any orders placed after this time will not be processed and shipped until WEDNESDAY 5TH JANUARY

Please also note that from today, no international orders are guaranteed to be with you in time for Christmas as these shipping dates have already passed 😦


October is convention month for me! I attended the first ever UK BlytheCon at the beginning of this month and am now preparing for UK PonyCon!

UK PonyCon 2010 is taking place on Saturday 23rd October in Birmingham – I couldn’t make it to the 2009 PonyCon so am even more excited than usual – I have missed you all!

This year, as always, I will be having a stall however, I am not sure how to lay out my stall this year, do I opt for the hair rainbow like I had in 2008 or do I try something different? Ponies and rainbows go hand in hand, however, over the last 2 years my hair colour range has massively increased so I am not sure I can fit them all on!

2008 My Little Customs stall 2008 My Little Customs stall at UKPonyCon 2008 MLC stall at UKPonyCon

Photos courtesy of Escarchita on Flickr ^_^

There are lots of lovely photographs from previous PonyCon’s to get you in the mood! You can view them either on the UK PonyCon website or alternatively, on Flickr!

Not to be left out, my Blythe doll Christmas is getting prepared too; she has her My Little Pony dress on and her trusty steed ready to take her to Birmingham – some of you may have met her at the 2008 UKPonyCon, Blythe’s love ponies too! LOL

I also can’t wait to get my hands on the UKPonyCon 2010 Exclusive pony, she is GREEN! Yay ponies!

Hope to see you there!

UKPonyCon, The International My Little Pony Convention, is taking place on 23rd October at The Public, West Bromich, B70 7PG – doors open at 10am – you can buy your tickets in advance at or alternatively on the door!

There are plenty of examples around the internet which demonstrate the power of twitter, everything from Coke getting 85 million web hits from one tweet to a lady finding her family member after the Chilean earthquake but today Twitter saved my butt.

Or rather, the wonderful people who use Twitter saved me 😉

My computer is old. I mean properly OLD. It has been struggling on for the last few years and I am always whinging about it hehe – only last week I tweeted about my aging PC.

This morning, after rebooting my computer,  I was greeted with this:

Oh dear.

After getting out the laptop and Googling the problem, I decided to try asking on Twitter if anyone knew whether I was about to use the right guide for fixing it.

Now, I am no Stephen Fry, I have a few hundred followers compared to the thousands most people have and yet, instantly I had help!

Not only was everyone very patient with me whilst I spammed up timelines with my constant questions, ranting and conversations, but people were really supportive.

Huge thanks in particular go to Dan, the boyfriend of @Teacupfaery, who stayed online for as long as he could, helping me and putting things in laymen terms, he is my hero of the day!

Also massive thanks to @x_xQueeniex_x, @convallis, @PaNDaMOn1Um, @AnnaPuzzlemint & @bgraf for being so sweet!

After several frustrating hours, my computer limped slowly back into life and is now pretty much back up to speed. Hooray!

Today has proven to me that you do not need thousands of followers to realise the power Twitter has, just a select few GREAT people, and that is why I love Twitter.

I get a lot of questions regarding the checkout on , so I thought a little walk through guide may help (especially for all my lovely customers who do not speak English as their first language) – I hope it helps! 😀

Click on the photos to enlarge

How to shop online at

1. What would you like to buy? I will be using the Nylon hair as an example.

2. Choose your colour – click on the colour thumbnail

3. Click on the “Add to Cart” button

4. 😀

5. Adjust the total of how many hanks you require and click “Update Totals” – then click “Checkout”

6. Fill out your details

7. How would you like to pay? Select your preferred method 😀

Cheque / Postal Order – UK ONLY

PayPal – payment via credit or debit card – or – PayPal balance should you have an account. You do not need a PayPal account for this – I will talk you through using PayPal as a credit card payment facility in a moment.

BACS / IBAN – Bank Transfer for either UK or EU – UK bank transfers are completely safe and usually clear within a few hours – please note, transfers from the EU can take up to 10 days to clear

8. Select your shipping method

9. Confirm everything is correct then click “Checkout”


Payment via PayPal – you will be taken to this screen:

If you already have a PayPal account, log in on the right and continue as normal. Once you have completed the steps in PayPal, you will be required back to

You do NOT need a PayPal account to use PayPal. If you want to pay by credit card or debit card, follow the instructions on the left.

PayPal would love you to have an account,  therefore, they do not make it immediately obvious that you can use them for single payments without the need for signing up – this is why the “continue” link is small and the “log in” area is huge!! You can use PayPal for single payments as often as you like 😀


Payment via cheque – UK ONLY! You will be taken to this screen:

Here you will see confirmation of your order alongside the details needed for paying via cheque. Don’t worry if you have already clicked away from the screen before taking note of the info, just drop me an email


Payment via Bank Transfer – UK or EU – You will be taken to this screen:

Here you will see confirmation of your order alongside the details needed for paying via bank transfer. Don’t worry if you have already clicked away from the screen before taking note of the info, just drop me an email

Now you are done! You will recieve an email confirming your order.

All you have to do is sit back and wait for the postman to deliver your goodies! YAY!

Robin xx

Vive la France! We are off to France on Friday and so please note, the last day I will be shipping your orders will be THIS THURSDAY – June 3rd.

All orders placed after this time will be shipped on MONDAY JUNE 14th.

We have house sitters coming on Thursday (our lovely ex-neighbours are coming to live in our house and look after our hoard of animals whilst we are away – how lovely is that? We are seriously lucky!!) and therefore, inbetween My Little Customs business, I will be frantically tidying the house and packing for our trip so please bear with me if I take a little bit longer than usual to answer any emails.

Robin x

I am really chuffed to have been featured in our local newspaper this week, so exciting! Even more exciting for me was that my 2 favourite Blythe girls took center stage! 😀

I haven’t had chance to scan the article onto my computer yet however, you can read it online here and see how it looks in the paper from this quick photograph I took on my phone – look how lovely and big the photo of Christmas (Rainy Day Parade) and Tuppence (Miss Sally Rice) is!

Christmas & Tuppence are well chuffed at being in the newspaper!

I was very nervous about the interview and completely freaked out when the Head of Content wanted to send a photographer around to my house to photograph me with my dolls! Needless to say, I politely declined the photographer offer and sent across some of my own pics LOL I am fairly sure everyone involved with the article thinks I am completely potty!!

So many people have complimented the article that all my fears as to, how I would come across, what spin would be put on it and whether or not I would be portrayed as a crazy lady, have been put to rest 😀

I would like to thank Robert Zarywacz (@RobertZ) for the time he put into the article and for contacting me in the first place!

With all my excitement, I have completely neglected the My Little Customs Birthday Celebration Promotions and so, to make it up to you, how about a double whammy over the weekend? 15% off all Saran hair and a surprise FREE GIFT when you spend £16 or more!!

To claim the 15% off, enter the coupon code:  YAY15  at the checkout 😀

The promotion starts from Midnight (GMT) tonight  and will run until Midnight (GMT) on Sunday, February 21st!

Happy Shopping!

Robin x

Really really quick post for now – here are the cut off times for ordering at My Little Customs this Christmas for you all lovely lot!


First Class – Monday 21st December,  ordering cut off time – 5:30pm

Special Delivery – Wednesday 23rd December, ordering cut off time – 1pm



South & Central America, Caribbean, Africa, Middle East, Far East, Asia, New Zealand & Australia – Friday 4th December, ordering cut off time – 4pm GMT 

Japan, USA, Canada & Eastern Europe – Thursday 10th December, ordering cut off time – 4pm GMT

Western Europe – Friday 11th December, ordering cut off time – 4pm GMT



Orders made after these dates / cut off times may still be made at My Little Customs but will not be processed until December 28th 2009.

Just a really quick update for you all x

First off, I am SO PLEASED to announce that Royal Mail are back to normal and my headache has been cured! LOL I managed to survive the strikes more or less unscathed, only one package is still awol so nowhere near as bad as expected!

There will be a mini celebration announced shortly so keep your eyes peeled!

On to the subject of My Little Pony – over the weekend I was helping a good friend of mine to identify some My Little Ponies when the topic turned to how to clean them up ready for sale. I immediately went to refer her to Moonfire’s G3MLP site for the amazing “Pony Salon” tutorials on how to wash and style MLP hair when to my horror, I discovered it gone! 😦

After a quick Google search, I found no other site with a similar picture tutorial so was wondering if it was worth me doing one for you?

It is such a shame to see Moonfire’s site is down, it was an incredibly helpful site which I often referred people to – I do hope Moonfire is ok, where ever she may be 😀

Robin x

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