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October is convention month for me! I attended the first ever UK BlytheCon at the beginning of this month and am now preparing for UK PonyCon!

UK PonyCon 2010 is taking place on Saturday 23rd October in Birmingham – I couldn’t make it to the 2009 PonyCon so am even more excited than usual – I have missed you all!

This year, as always, I will be having a stall however, I am not sure how to lay out my stall this year, do I opt for the hair rainbow like I had in 2008 or do I try something different? Ponies and rainbows go hand in hand, however, over the last 2 years my hair colour range has massively increased so I am not sure I can fit them all on!

2008 My Little Customs stall 2008 My Little Customs stall at UKPonyCon 2008 MLC stall at UKPonyCon

Photos courtesy of Escarchita on Flickr ^_^

There are lots of lovely photographs from previous PonyCon’s to get you in the mood! You can view them either on the UK PonyCon website or alternatively, on Flickr!

Not to be left out, my Blythe doll Christmas is getting prepared too; she has her My Little Pony dress on and her trusty steed ready to take her to Birmingham – some of you may have met her at the 2008 UKPonyCon, Blythe’s love ponies too! LOL

I also can’t wait to get my hands on the UKPonyCon 2010 Exclusive pony, she is GREEN! Yay ponies!

Hope to see you there!

UKPonyCon, The International My Little Pony Convention, is taking place on 23rd October at The Public, West Bromich, B70 7PG – doors open at 10am – you can buy your tickets in advance at or alternatively on the door!




The website has been updated and now all that is left to do is photograph the new yummy colours – check back later to see them!

Thank you to EVERYONE for such lovely emails and messages of support, you have all been so sweet and kept me smiling  throughout this whole tedious and bizarre issue


Edit to add – new colours are photographed and ready!

Also, alongside the new colours, some old favourites are back in but BE QUICK – they are selling MUCH faster than I thought!! *_*

^_^ x

Today I received a letter from the UK Border Agency about my Nylon hair shipment (which has never happened before!) – having spent over 2 hours (yes 2 HOURS) trying to get through on the phone, I turned to Google.

Now I am worried. Google has thrown up some interesting posts, threads and blog posts all of which suggest long delays.

Hopefully I can get through to someone tomorrow.

I pray it won’t be a repeat of this afternoons nightmare, all the different phone numbers I have tried just give the engaged tone – I wouldn’t mind hold music, or being told “your call is in a queue, please hold” but to just CONSTANTLY have the burb burb burb burb of the engaged tone is soul destroying. This is how I spent those couple of hours – one finger poised to hang up, my thumb hitting “redial” immediately after.

As a side note,  my tracking has “SENT TO STORE, AWAITING INFORMATION” written under the awaiting customs charging bit – I only noticed that this afternoon and have no clue what that means! Is that in reference to the letter I received today? Does anyone know?

I am at my wits end with this 😦

Hi everyone,

This is just a really quick post to let you know what is happening with the Nylon hair shipment – you have all been waiting INCREDIBLY patiently for my shipment to arrive (huge thank you to you all for that!) – as some of you may already know, I had a guaranteed arrival date of August 3rd, however, ParcelForce have stepped in and are holding the hair to ransom – hopefully it will be with me by the end of the week.

ParcelForce never fail to brighten my day – I was very excited that I had an actual tangible date for delivery but was most disappointed this morning to see that ParcelForce haven’t missed an opportunity to make money with their ridiculously high “handling” fees.

You will be the first to know when it arrives!

Robin x

I am really chuffed to have been featured in our local newspaper this week, so exciting! Even more exciting for me was that my 2 favourite Blythe girls took center stage! 😀

I haven’t had chance to scan the article onto my computer yet however, you can read it online here and see how it looks in the paper from this quick photograph I took on my phone – look how lovely and big the photo of Christmas (Rainy Day Parade) and Tuppence (Miss Sally Rice) is!

Christmas & Tuppence are well chuffed at being in the newspaper!

I was very nervous about the interview and completely freaked out when the Head of Content wanted to send a photographer around to my house to photograph me with my dolls! Needless to say, I politely declined the photographer offer and sent across some of my own pics LOL I am fairly sure everyone involved with the article thinks I am completely potty!!

So many people have complimented the article that all my fears as to, how I would come across, what spin would be put on it and whether or not I would be portrayed as a crazy lady, have been put to rest 😀

I would like to thank Robert Zarywacz (@RobertZ) for the time he put into the article and for contacting me in the first place!

With all my excitement, I have completely neglected the My Little Customs Birthday Celebration Promotions and so, to make it up to you, how about a double whammy over the weekend? 15% off all Saran hair and a surprise FREE GIFT when you spend £16 or more!!

To claim the 15% off, enter the coupon code:  YAY15  at the checkout 😀

The promotion starts from Midnight (GMT) tonight  and will run until Midnight (GMT) on Sunday, February 21st!

Happy Shopping!

Robin x

Really quick update to let you know that our next My Little Customs 3rd Birthday Promotion is ready to rock!

For the next 3 days, all the Polypropylene hair is a mere £2 per pack whilst stocks last!! WOW

That is practically giving it away LOL

PP colour range

Never tried the Polypropylene before? Well now is your chance! At this amazingly low price, how can you afford not to give it a go?

Enjoy! 😉

6 new Nylon & Saran colours are now in stock, alongside some more of the Katsilk Saran colours in XL Format.

The new colours are:


Butter Cookie Nylon Golden Rod Nylon Napalm Nylon

Katsilk Saran

Grant a Wish Saran Limited Blonde Saran Chatty Brunette Saran

Yummy scrummy colours don’t you think?!

My Little Customs currently carries 22 saran shades in XL Format – if you have any particular requirements for a XL Format colour which is not currently listed, please contact me and I shall order it in 😀

The complete list of the XL Format colours that are currently stocked are as follows (as of September 22nd 09 – full range coming soon):

Oxidized Julia, Caddy Red, Champagne Blonde, Platinum Blonde, Megan, Original Blonde, Brownette, Tu-Tone Titian, Ginger Snap, Copper Titian, Burnt Orange, Mahogany, Deep Cherry, Hazelnut, Original Brunette, Midnight Black, Noir, Platinum Blonde, Opal Essence, Pinky Pinky, Sapphire & Sea Glow

You can view them all on the Saran Colour Page


Robin x

Just a quick post to let you know the Customer Re-Root Gallery has been updated!

There are 24 new photos with more on their way tomorrow – can you spot them all?



Evening everyone,

I am thrilled to finally announce that the polypropylene hair is now in stock!

I am stupidly excited to have a BRAND NEW stock line, I am a hair addict 😀

I am sure you all have many questions about the polypropylene and I will do my best to answer them.

PP colour range


What is polypropylene?

Polypropylene looks and feels exactly the same as Nylon, if I called it Nylon you wouldn’t know it was anything different! (All apart from 4 colours, I shall get to those in a little while)

I have not yet had a chance to properly “play” with it so am going purely on how it feels straight from the packet, alongside the “official” spiel about the Polypropylene.

The colours are AMAZING, really unusual and unique. They are just as soft and shiny as the Nylon so I promise you will love it!


Can Polypropylene be boil permed?

The “official” answer: 99% sure that yes it can. Toy manufacturers curl it and style it all the time so if they can do it, so can we! Factory styling is always done using heat.

My personal answer:I have not yet tried it as it has literally just arrived with me, I have only got as far as fawning over the colours and photographing it. This weekend I am planning to do a reroot with it at which point I shall try both methods of curling, both air drying and boil perming. I shall report back with photos and results shortly!


Can I reroot using both Nylon and Polypropylene on the same doll? Yes 🙂


If I reroot the same doll using both Nylon and Polypropylene together, can I boil perm it? Again, 99% yes, both Nylon and Polypropylene should react the same way, however, I have yet to put this to the test!


Can I request a blend of a Nylon colour with a Polypropylene colour? Yes! You can blend the 2 types of hair together, that is not a problem.


OK, what about the 4 colours you mentioned earlier?

This is based on my first impression, this may change once I have had a play with the hair!

The 4 matte colours, Caliente, Daring, Hypnotic and Frivolous feel slightly different to the rest of the Polypropylene range.

They are heavier and have a slight greasy feeling, similar to Saran. However, the fibres are a little drier, perhaps a slightly heavier denier? If you have tried Pinky Pinky or Nitro Lime Saran you will understand what I mean!

These 4 colours are the only ones which I would say are not EXACTLY like the Nylon, although the colours are fab and the quality of the hair is second to none 🙂

Right well, all this is purely my personal first impression, the quality seems exceptional and I am impressed with the Polypropylene 😀

Expect further updates soon and I hope you are all as excited as I am about having the Polypropylene as a new addition to the My Little Customs line!

Robin x

Everyone has been very patiently awaiting the shipment of Nylon stock and I am pleased to say that the first half of the shipment has ARRIVED!


Please bear with me whilst I update the stock levels on the Nylon Hair Page – in the meantime, if there is a colour you are after and perhaps it either has no “add to cart” button or the stock level is not sufficient for your order, please drop me a line, either via email, ( phone (+44 1271 828160 ) or the LiveHelp button and I shall endeavour to help – it may be that I have not yet updated that particular colour 😀

Thank you!! (yay!)

Robin x

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