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I love, love, LOVE Christmas time – this year I have been handmaking a fair few gifts and as always, have been busy making decorations for the house. I have taken things a step further this year and gone down the “Eco” path, starting with eco gift wrap!

I bought a large roll of brown parcel paper, some ribbon, went into the loft to dig out the remains of last years wrapping paper, broke open my crafty bits n bobs and set to work:

I love how versatile this way of wrapping is! I snipped some cute little snowflakes out from some scrap paper, stuck little glittery christmas trees on, even went all out with some diamantes LOL

They look beautiful under the tree!

The best part is that I still have lots of gifts to wrap so I can try my hand at these beautiful handmade bows:

~ photo from How About Orange ~ click the photo to view the tutorial!

After making my paper baubles a couple of years ago, this year my daughter and I tried our hand at making some cinnamon apple ornaments.

They turned out brilliantly – so simple and they smell GREAT! I have a sneaking suspicion our dog has eaten a couple of them as we are missing some, however, even though they smell yummy, I shouldn’t imagine that PVA glue tastes all that nice! LOL

There are lots of tutorials online on how to make these, we personally followed Simply Vintage Girl’s Recipe 🙂

We also made some 3D snowflakes, they look gorgeous – a bit fiddly but the results are stunning! We followed this tutorial

If you are starting to dig the eco vibe (yeah maaaaaaan) why not make your own garland? Every year I make my own because I am a cheapskate care about the enviroment.

I use bay branches from the tree in our garden (which smell divine) and some ivy to form the basic shape then pretty it up with some fake berries, homemade dried orange slices, sparkly stars and whatever else I have to hand! Costs no more than a couple of pounds but looks very christmassy.

It doesn’t need to be restricted to just a mantel piece, I use it all over the house – from the TV stand to sprigs on our sideboard!

Hopefully I can upload some more photos at some point, however I really must stopping blogging, pack up my orders and get them shipped so I can finish the decorating! YAY!


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