As many, many, MANY of you have found, my website shopping cart has lots of glitches at the moment, the primary one being that it is not allowing you to add items to your cart by giving out a “Temporarily” message. This has been hugely frustrating for everyone and here at My Little Customs HQ we are struggling to find the cause of the problem.

As a solution, I have decided to completely move the website to a new home until we can fix the errors. This will mean that everything should work properly (fingers crossed!) and takes the immediate pressure off my website designer as his wife has recently had a brand new baby 🙂

I have MASSIVELY under estimated how long it will take to transfer all the products and information across, I had rather hoped to have the site live by now, however, with well over 400 different products to transfer and with only my 2 hands to work with, things are taking a long time.

I am so focused on trying to get my site sorted that once again, I also find myself falling behind on emails – does anyone know how I can find more hours in the day?!

I really hope you can bear with me during this tricky process, I cannot tell you how much your continuing patience means to me!

For now – here is a sneaky peek of how things are looking …

Robin xoxo