There are plenty of examples around the internet which demonstrate the power of twitter, everything from Coke getting 85 million web hits from one tweet to a lady finding her family member after the Chilean earthquake but today Twitter saved my butt.

Or rather, the wonderful people who use Twitter saved me 😉

My computer is old. I mean properly OLD. It has been struggling on for the last few years and I am always whinging about it hehe – only last week I tweeted about my aging PC.

This morning, after rebooting my computer,  I was greeted with this:

Oh dear.

After getting out the laptop and Googling the problem, I decided to try asking on Twitter if anyone knew whether I was about to use the right guide for fixing it.

Now, I am no Stephen Fry, I have a few hundred followers compared to the thousands most people have and yet, instantly I had help!

Not only was everyone very patient with me whilst I spammed up timelines with my constant questions, ranting and conversations, but people were really supportive.

Huge thanks in particular go to Dan, the boyfriend of @Teacupfaery, who stayed online for as long as he could, helping me and putting things in laymen terms, he is my hero of the day!

Also massive thanks to @x_xQueeniex_x, @convallis, @PaNDaMOn1Um, @AnnaPuzzlemint & @bgraf for being so sweet!

After several frustrating hours, my computer limped slowly back into life and is now pretty much back up to speed. Hooray!

Today has proven to me that you do not need thousands of followers to realise the power Twitter has, just a select few GREAT people, and that is why I love Twitter.