Today I received a letter from the UK Border Agency about my Nylon hair shipment (which has never happened before!) – having spent over 2 hours (yes 2 HOURS) trying to get through on the phone, I turned to Google.

Now I am worried. Google has thrown up some interesting posts, threads and blog posts all of which suggest long delays.

Hopefully I can get through to someone tomorrow.

I pray it won’t be a repeat of this afternoons nightmare, all the different phone numbers I have tried just give the engaged tone – I wouldn’t mind hold music, or being told “your call is in a queue, please hold” but to just CONSTANTLY have the burb burb burb burb of the engaged tone is soul destroying. This is how I spent those couple of hours – one finger poised to hang up, my thumb hitting “redial” immediately after.

As a side note,  my tracking has “SENT TO STORE, AWAITING INFORMATION” written under the awaiting customs charging bit – I only noticed that this afternoon and have no clue what that means! Is that in reference to the letter I received today? Does anyone know?

I am at my wits end with this 😦