WOW – that is all I can say! I cannot believe 3 years has passed so quickly 😀

It seems like only yesterday that I first received a small shipment of Nylon to sell; just 15 colours. 15 colours?!! My, how I have grown!

My Little Customs now carries over 115 colours of Nylon,  has gone on to stock over 95 different shades of Saran and most recently, 14 colours of Polypropylene – not to mention all our other stock lines!  Fairy Wing making supplies, glues, rerooting supplies and our newest focus, Blythe! Eyechips, kawaii fabrics, tiny buttons, lipstickers, foils, Twiggy Twiggy pull rings … the list is ever growing!

If it wasn’t for the wonderful support I receive from you all, I wouldn’t be where I am today so a massive, huge, enormous THANK YOU to you all

So, without further ado, to kick start our promotions,  a small way of saying thank you to our existing customers and a big hello to my newest shoppers – shipping is COMPLETELY FREE for the next 3 days!!