Hiya everyone,

You may have already heard but there has been some disruption recently at My Little Customs HQ!

I currently work from home where, for the last 3 weeks, we have been having our downstairs kitchen gutted. This has led to the usual joy of having the builders in, not to mention the electricians! Over the last couple of weeks we have periodically had to have the electricity cut off whilst they work, more often than not, the electric has been turned off without warning.

This has meant that not only is my poor computer struggling to cope but to a backlog of emails. All orders have been going out as usual, last week there was a days delay in the dispatch but everything from that end is now running smoothly. Unfortunately however, emails have suffered!

I will be doing my utmost to reply to all emails today, if you are still awaiting a reply, please bear with me!

The electricians have now finished the work so there should be no more electricity problems 😀

That being said, all this chaos has prompted a search for new premises for My Little Customs – thats right! – we will be expanding and moving on up in the world with swanky new office space!  I will update you all on any new developments as and when they happen!!

I have also had a tremendous treat this morning, I apologise for the incredibly short notice but my husband has been an absolute sweetheart and has told us that we are going on a surprise holiday next week!! My daughter and I had no idea that this was happening and we are very excited! It will be our first proper family holiday and my daughters first ever time on an aeroplane! 

Therefore, from this coming Saturday, 23rd of May, we will be away for a week. My husband has arranged everything and kept the secret well, even down to arranging my good friend Becci to house sit.

She will be also looking after My Little Customs for me whilst I am away, please bear in mind that she has absolutely no knowledge of anything dolly or pony as she is not a collector!! LOL  If she can answer your questions she will to the best of her ability, however, I have said to her that if she would prefer to wait for me to return then that is fine.

Please look after her in my absence and forgive any delays that may occur!

Right! I am now off to package up all orders and pop via the chemists for some sun cream before going to the Post Office!!



Robin xxx