Forgot to mention this in my last post as I was rather over excited by my nylon arriving! LOL

Yesterday I was tinkering and have made a second attempt at natural iris chips for Blythe – please excuse the photos as it was rather dark in my office when I took them yesterday evening!

I am still not 100% happy with them but am loosely toying with putting them up for sale if there is enough demand – they were made using PF100 Clear Chips ^_^

clicking on the images will take you through to my Flickr page for a larger view

natural iris eyechips for Blythe made by me!

They look much better when in the Blythe sockets!

iris eyechips handmade by me

This photo is from my first attempt, last May!! (gosh time flies!)

first attempt at natural iris chips

Which type do you prefer? I think I prefer my most recent ones but I just don’t know!

Robin x