Hi Everyone,

As most of you may know, last year My Little Customs introduced a Loyalty Scheme. It was based on spend £1, gain a point. Each point had a value of a penny and rolling total of “points” were amassed for you to redeem against future pruchases. For every 100 points, you gained £1. An indivdual code was emailed to each and every person after every purchase, updated each time.

This initially worked really well! However, no doubt you may have already spotted a fatal flaw in the process – each person, each purchase, updated every time a new purchase was made, individual codes emailed out …. it started to become difficult to keep on top of – I had inadvertly created a time consuming, paper work amassing, number crunching, headache inducing MONSTER!

It only took a few months before I started falling behind on the codes and since the New Year, I have been so busy that it has been impossible for me to catch up and maintain the code system.

It has been playing on my mind for months and TODAY is the day that it gets sorted out, once and for all!

As by way of an apology to everyone, I will be running a whopping 15% off promotion, on all products across the entire store, starting from 7pm GMT this evening and running for a week.

OK, enough of why the old way failed, show me the new way!


Introducing the NEW Loyalty Scheme – a Loyalty CARD!

A card? Yes a card! This is a much easier way, for both you and me! You will be sent a Loyalty Card for you to keep.

Oooh pretty!

mlc-loyalty card

Every £1 you spend, will earn you one token. Every time you make a purchase from My Little Customs, along with your order, you will be sent the equivalent amount of tokens.

Please note, the tokens will be for the value of the item purchased, EXCLUDING the postage. (also, may I just add that the word token is a very grand way of saying, small little sticker for you to pop on your card!!)

For example, you order one hank of Nylon, one hank of Saran and one pair of Blythe Eye Chips. These 3 items together have a value of £9. Shipping is an extra 52 pence on top – total spend, £9.52.

This would earn you 9 tokens!


Yes, yes, I understand all this “tokens” business but what about the money side of things?  The scheme has been scaled right down and has been kept ultra simple.

It is an even better scheme than before, you can make great savings without spending a fortune! Based on the old scheme, you needed 100 points to gain £1, that is a £100 spend!! To gain the full £5 off, under the old scheme you would have needed to spend £500! OUCH

On the NEW scheme:

Every £1 spent = 1 token.

10 tokens collected = £1 off
20 tokens collected = £2 off
30 tokens collected = £3 off
40 tokens collected = £4 off
50 tokens collected = YAY! £5 off and one full card!

You can redeem your card against your purchases for the value you have achieved AT ANYTIME or complete the card for the full £5 saving.


OK great, how do I get a card? Well, this is where things change a little. The scheme is still completely free to partake in, the are no catches or hidden costs – the card can be redeemed at any point.

The only slight change is this:

Cards are issued to returning customers, ie, on the SECOND purchase. If you only plan to shop at My Little Customs once then there is no point having a card you do not want or need!

You will start collecting tokens from your second purchase. When your card arrives, your tokens will have already been added to your card.

For example, you are a brand new customer (Hello and welcome! I hope you enjoy shopping at My Little Customs) you purchase one hank of Nylon hair = £3.

You were impressed with the service you recieved first time so you have returned (Thank you! It is great to have you back again ^_^ ). You buy another hank of Nylon = £3.

This time, alongside your hank of hair, you will find your Loyalty Card with 3 tokens already attached.


OK, well that makes sense but I have been shopping with you for months now! Where’s my card? Your card will be included with your next purchase. It will be based on the same priniciple, when you recieve your card, the tokens you have earned with your purchase will be added.


But what about the points I amassed under the old scheme? If you would like to redeem any old points from the old scheme then please get in contact with me and I can tell you the cash value you have – in most cases it will be around the 50p – £1 mark. You can email me robin@mylittlecustoms.com


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch or fill in the comments box below 😀