Morning guys 😀

I had hoped to have finished the remaining tutorials by now but unfortunately, we have the plumbers here. They arrived Monday as we are replacing our old boiler, however, things have a proven a little less straight forward.

At the moment we have no heating or hot water and late yesterday afternoon, the “find where the pipes go” game that the plumbers had been playing all day ended in taking up the floorboards in here in My Little Customs HQ and has therefore lead to the entire contents of the office being squashed up against one wall, myself included!

I can just squeeze into a gap to reach the computer, once I have wedged myself in there is no going back – I will be stuck for hours unless someone comes to help me!! LOL

Needless to say, it is looking likely that the tutorials will probably have to wait until early next week – sorry for the this folks!

Now, back to the small issue of being stuck …. I feel like Winnie the Pooh today!!