Sorry to bore you all with this – just another quick update incase you have not already seen this on the Royal Mail website:

Poor Weather Causes Disruption to Royal Mail Collection and Delivery Services

Fresh snowfalls overnight have brought the return of hazardous driving conditions to many parts of the UK this morning. Although Royal Mail delivery and collection services in most parts of the country have been affected, the worst hit regions include: Scotland and Northern Ireland, much of Wales, The East and West Midlands, South Central England and the more western counties of England.
Our air and road distribution network has also been badly hit, with many roads and several airports closed this morning.
Our postmen and women are working hard to maintain and restore postal services to customers but more snow and a continuation of the dangerous driving conditions are forecast.

We will continue to keep you updated on the general situation as it develops.

Updated: 05/02/2009

Royal Mail website

Here in Barnstaple we are currently free of snow, however, from my office window I can see snow on the outlying hills and my sister who lives 15 minutes away has called me to say they have had a foot of snow fall overnight!

All orders are being processed as normal, it is simply the delivery that may take a little longer than usual in some parts.


Robin x