True to my word, I have been rerooting!

sapphire sindy reroot

Please forgive the bad photograph, the lighting is awful as the weather is so dull today. I am patiently awaiting the delivery of my new daylight lamp and bulbs which should hopefully go a long way to combatting the trouble of taking a photo during the grey UK winter


I have 3 more reroots on the go so expect more pictures soon!

I also want to take some time out to make a special mention of thanks to everyone who has taken the time to send me their saran reroot photographs ~ with your help the saran pages are slowly starting to fill up!


In other “Saran News” the first part of my very large shipment arrived today, 5 of the 7 new colours are now in stock alongside the old favourites. The second giant box should be arriving any day now! I will update you all as soon as it is here.

Robin x