UPDATE! 16th January

I absolutely love it when people take the time out to drop me an email showing me the reroots they have done with the doll hair purchased from My Little Customs   I feel all proud and super chuffed! f_emoticon015m_af77998

As you will see from the Nylon hair page, I have lots of photographs showing the different colours rerooted on all types of different dolls and My Little Pony’s which is fantastic as it helps others to see how the colour looks in different lights, is great for hair matches but also provides excellent inspiration!

However, for some reason, the Saran hair seems to be a little overlooked. sad Perhaps this is because the saran as a product has been around for much longer than the nylon? Is it that at some point you will have previously seen a doll / mlp rerooted with “x” colour in saran and therefore you already know how it will look?

I now stock SO many colours in the saran that there is almost too much choice, and with 7 new saran shades winging their way to me as I type,  I am starting to think that this could be a little overwhelming?

This dilmema has led me to my first ever official “photo call”!  I have never officially asked for photos of your reroots before and I feel a little odd doing so! I would be eternally grateful if you had any pictures of your saran reroots that you would be happy for me to use on my site!


A huge thankyou in advance, I am off to make a start on a few saran reroots myself so hopefully together we can make a small dent in the vast array of colours, I have always been a firm believer that you can never have too much choice …… or can you?!  I am not even sure I know anymore! LOL!   lol

Robin x

UPDATE! 16th January