Happy Halloween!

After initally dreading the thought of Trick or Treaters coming to my house, I found myself actually getting into the spirit of things and looking forward to the knock on the door!

My daughter was at a Halloween Party / Sleep Over at a friends house so this year was the first time we have not been out and about Trick or Treating. My husband was away working so I was very concerned about answering my door, being on my own and hearing a knock at the door after dark is always a little disconcerting!

I had visions of being harrassed all night and getting my house egged and floured but the reality was anything but. All the children who came to my door had made a real effort, were dressed in fantastic costumes and were really excited to see me produce a huge bowl of chocolates and lollipops (anyone who met me at the PonyCon a couple of weeks back will have seen my giant bag of chuppa chups, and yes, they are still going! Just another 30 or so left to chomp my way through!)

Tonight the Halloween festivities continue for us, even though Halloween is *technically* over ~ we are off to the Big Sheep for a spooktacular fright night event, all we have left to do is sort out some costumes! My daughter is going as a witch and has insisted I be her black cat, not that I took much persuading!  Roll on the apple bobbing and cobwebs!

I hope you are all having as much fun as we are this Halloween, and don’t forget, My Little Customs is having a Halloween Sale!

Saran hair was £3.50 per hank but is now £2.50 per hank, until November 3rd! Hurry as stock is limited and selling FAST!

Robin x